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Apr 16 2014

RSS fetch

Just want to download a Podcast (like Frühstück bei Stefanie) to you local machine?
This does the trick:

grep -oP “(?<= )[^<]+” podcast2956.xml | xargs wget

Apr 15 2014

Copy text from terminal without formating (OSX)

run inside a terminal:

defaults write com.apple.Terminal CopyAttributesProfile com.apple.Terminal.no-attributes

Mrz 12 2014

Fun Retrospectives

Fun Retrospectives

Fun Retrospectives.

Mrz 10 2014

WunderBar by relayr

WunderBar by relayr

WunderBar by relayr.

Mrz 10 2014

The Twelve-Factor App

In the modern era, software is commonly delivered as a service: called web apps, or software-as-a-service. The twelve-factor app is a methodology for building software-as-a-service:

The Twelve-Factor App.

Mrz 5 2014


Cool new way of reading. Just read one word at a time with 300-1000 words per minute.

Feb 28 2014

maven and UTF-8

There are a lot of places (>5)to set the UTF-8 encoding for your maven project. But only one is important! So don't forget to set this in your maven parent pom:

  <project.build.sourceEncoding> UTF-8 </project.build.sourceEncoding>

Feb 24 2014


Git-Flow as a branching strategy for your Git Repositories:


I like !

Feb 24 2014

Apple’s SSL/TLS bug

static code analysis would have prevented this nightmare: Apple’s SSL/TLS bug.

Feb 19 2014

Monitor Your Development Infrastructure as if It Were Business Critical | Javalobby

Monitor Your Development Infrastructure as if It Were Business Critical | Javalobby.