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Jul 25 2014

DIY Phone Fabrik in St. Pauli

Eine coole Idee .. ich bin am überlegen, ob ich mit mache:  

Fablab „Fabulous St. Pauli“ baut für vier Wochen eine temporäre Produktionsanlage für Mobiltelefone im „Park Fiction“ auf, wo das DIY-Handy von David Mellis zusammengebaut werden soll. DIY Phone Fabrik in St. Pauli 

Jul 7 2014

Wired: The Unnoticed Gadgets That Power Our Economy Deserve a Real OS

We are surrounded with a class of mobile devices that are ten or more  years out of date, and predate any iPhone or Android phone entirely:

Enterprise-class devices:

– scanners that grocery clerks use to track inventory,

– stylus tablets that couriers log their deliveries on,

– handhelds that stockkeepers take into the warehouse,

– the button-covered rectangle the agent uses to check in your rental car.

Most of them are Windows CE based devices which were used by consumers at the end of last century!  But why is this? The industry needs an enterprise operating system optimized for reliability, but also battery life. As Apple seems unwilling to allow non-Apple devices to run its operating system, it becomes a race between the other two big player: Microsoft and Google.

More: http://www.wired.com/2014/07/enterprise-gadgets-better-os

Jun 18 2014

Internet of things – Twitter for social machines

This is the next big thing … for sure! I mean, the idea is old, but someone managed to give it a simple UI and API:



Mai 23 2014


I just stumbled upon setting the JAVA_HOME on a remote OS X Server. I tried following the output of whereis. But this was not leading me to the right track folders.

To make things short, just add this to your .profile/shell:

export JAVA_HOME=$(/usr/libexec/java_home)

Mai 6 2014

Its a trap

Its a trap!

Apr 25 2014

bowery.io – limitless development environment

Bowery is a limitless development environment available at http://bowery.io/.It is free for DEVELOPERS and STARTUPS. All you need to do is configure one simple file per host. With a few lines bowery is setting up a host inkl. your app, the dependencies (like redis, mongodb,..) and up you go. Your app will be online in a short time inkl. ssh access to the VM.

PS: Signup is done via the CLI. I think this is a trend 😉

Apr 24 2014

Vagrant shell script

Working with several Vagrant boxes in parallel can be tricky. So today I wrote a small shell script to help me here. It will

  • start the VM (if not already running),
  • Login into the VM via SSH,
  • suspend the VM after exiting the VM (if you want)

Shell script:
if [ -f ./Vagrantfile ]
if vagrant status | grep -q "running ("
echo Box is already running
echo Starting box ...
vagrant up
echo Login in ...
vagrant ssh
read -n1 -p "Suspend box ? [y,N]" doit
case $doit in
y|Y) vagrant suspend ;;
n|N) echo OK ;;
*) echo OK ;;
echo No Vagrantfile found!

Apr 16 2014

RSS fetch

Just want to download a Podcast (like Frühstück bei Stefanie) to you local machine?
This does the trick:

grep -oP „(?<= )[^<]+“ podcast2956.xml | xargs wget

Apr 15 2014

Copy text from terminal without formating (OSX)

run inside a terminal:

defaults write com.apple.Terminal CopyAttributesProfile com.apple.Terminal.no-attributes

Mrz 12 2014

Fun Retrospectives

Fun Retrospectives

Fun Retrospectives.